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Who Uses CryptCat

SourceForge Has about 400 downloads per month
Landfill Group

What a cool little tool! Following patch was needed for FreeBSD and others...(By Dragos Ruiu)


Computer Forensic Lecture - at Northeastern University
Uses Cryptcat in combination with other data collection tools for forensic data collection

Author: Weld Pond and Tan


Incident Response Primer; Part of Response Tollkit used for forensic data collection, Kevin Mandia, Director of Computer Forensics.

Free BSD

Distribution Port of CyptCat from Free BSD

GNU Darwin

GNU Darwin distribution of CryptCat


Provides a bootable CD forensic toolkit containing Cryptcat

Chi Publishing

Computer Forensics NT, Incident Response Investigation, Chapter 35
By Harland Carvey, CISSP, Chi Publishing

Gibralter Firewall

Distributed with the Gibraltar Firewall. Uses cryptcat, dhcping and nbtscan for debugging network problems since version Version 0.99.3, published 2002-01-08

Biatchux Analysis Tool

Distributed with Biatchux, new bootable Linux distribution created specifically for incident response, forensic analysis, and penetration testing

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