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Sponsors, Inc. is currenlty the sole sponsor of these projects., Inc.Company Profile, Inc. provides managed security services to protect our clients’ critical computing infrastructure. We are a pioneer in the field of vulnerability prevention, detection and response., Inc. was founded as a California corporation in March of 2000 and is privately held. Farm9 has facilities located in Oakland and Sunnyvale, California., Inc. Managed Internet Security Services, Inc. managed security services focus on prevention, detection and response to information security breaches. Preventative measures such as vulnerability scanning offer a first line of defense and the widest coverage at a minimal cost. Detection measures including intrusion detection, log consolidation and monitoring offer the ability to determine whether a security breach has occurred and if it has significant relevance to your organization., Inc. Markets, Inc. offers subscription based managed services and complementary professional services. This combined service approach allows, Inc. to provide customized end-to-end security solutions to the specific requirements of Financial Services, Health Care and Internet-driven organizations.

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