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Open Auditors Tool Kit


Over the past three years, Inc. auditors have created Network, Host, and Application Level auditing tools. These tools both expand the usefulness of present day security tools and simplify the job of the auditor. Testing methodologies have also been developed to help standardize the auditing process and make it as repeatable as possible. The Open Auditors Tool Kit Project hopes to further the development of these tools and methodologies by sharing them with the community.


  1. Development of a repeatable audit methodology for testing network level, host level, and application level security.
  2. Development of a diverse set of audit tools for automating the complex and mundane tasks auditors face in every engagement.
  3. Development of a data correlation toolkit for generating standardized reports and validating information collected during an engagement.


  1. Network Level - Gathering information about open ports, application versions, firewall rules, WHOIS records, and DNS records is essential during the initial stages of an audit. Without automated tools to conduct these activities valuable time is wasted.
  2. Host Level - Once a system has been compromised it is necessary to find and catalog vulnerabilities in the systems current configuration. The tools in this section help automate this time consuming process.
  3. Application Level - Custom applications are the most challenging software products to audit quickly and accurately. The tools in this section are designed to methodically gather information and automate fault injection of software products.
  4. Testing Methodologies - A collection of whitepapers and notes on security testing methodologies.
  5. Reporting Tools - A set of applications that generate standardized reports and assist in the correlation and validation of information collected during an audit engagement.


  1. Matt Watchinski - (, Inc.)

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