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Home Projects Mailing Lists General Contact Us, Inc. is excited to present the establishment of several Open Source Security Projects. This site is the primary site for three Open Source Projects being funded by, Inc..

The Harvester Project will focus on the conversion and publishing of the Harvester security consolidation system. Harvester provides for the robust data collection, consolidation, archiving of network, system and application level security events through a standard framework for analysis.

The CryptCat Project has also moved to this site. CryptCat is an encrypted version of netcat (the TCP/IP Swiss Army knife extended with twofish encryption).

The Open Auditors Tool Kit Project will publish assorted auditing tools as they become available.

Mudpit is an intelligent, modular and reliable spool processor for Snort's unified format.


Dec 31, 2002

The first draft of the Harvester Plugin API and example code fragments have been published! Check out the Code and Documentation page of the Harvester Project.

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